Corporate Concepts' November 2020 Recap

  • Nov 30, 2020


Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well! We are back again with our monthly blog post looking over our favourite projects, products and anything else we found interesting this month! This November in Winnipeg was a bit different for all of us as the province went back into Code Red level restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid once again. As we hope everyone is doing, we are trying our best to support small businesses by sourcing Canadian and local products as much as possible, as well as continuing to do all our decoration locally as well. Now is the time to look out for one another and we love seeing that Manitoba community spirit! With that said, let’s get into it and look back at our November 2020:


Custom-Stitched Caps:




 With barbershops and salons shut down, now is a great time to order hats for your organization! We have all types of caps, including New Era, with many styling and personalization options to choose from. Let us create custom hats for your team, they will appreciate it in a few weeks! Click here to check out these hats on our online store.




Plaid Flannels:




These classic Tough Duck flannels are thick, soft and stylish. Made from a heavyweight fleece fabric, these look great with subtle decoration such as the stitching we did for Hedges Middle School. We love their logo/mascot, super rad!



Tough Duck isn’t only a go-to for quality workwear, their many utilitarian designs are on-trend right now and look great everywhere! Here are these flannels in our online store.


Tote Bags:




Tote Bags are a very affordable product that everyone loves to receive! They are eco-friendly, have a long lifespan and huge decoration area. You can’t go wrong with them, such a great product! You won't believe the low prices on these tote bags, tap/click here to find out!


Helly Hansen Winter Hats:



These are the new & toasty Helly Hansen Workwear beanies we made for our friends at Graham Construction! Featuring “Lifa Stay Warm Technology” that keeps sweat off your skin, this dual-layer construction ensures you are always warm. Helly is renown for flawlessly executing the combination of innovation materials, high quality builds and great price points! These fit and feel great under hard-hats for our tradesmen and tradeswomen!


Holiday Gift Boxes:



With the season soon upon us, it seems most of us will not be having the usual celebrations or staff parties this year, but that’s ok! In lieu of the Christmas Party we suggested ordering a personalized Gift Set this year! We are able to customize a box with any items you request, or can create price-tiered boxes for you at $25, $75 or $100. Take a look on our Instagram, website or ask us for suggestions because we’d love to offer ideas! Featured here are some ideas we threw together!



Another idea is this bundle for cozy nights staying inside and would be ideal to gift all winter long! Featured here is a tote/duffel bag with plush blanket, copper mugs and cheese board. Perfect for gifting, we are able to personalize a custom bundle for you with branding and decoration on any items you request! This package would go great with wine glasses and a nice bottle as well. Endless ideas around this bundle!


Space Pens:



Limited-time special pricing on these Space Pens! We love everything about them and we are not lying when we say they are our favourite pens ever! Beyond their super smooth write and comfortable grip, they have cool features including performance in extreme weather conditions (perfect for Winnipeg), ability to write on wet surfaces, upside down or at any angle as it has a pressurized and refillable ink supply. These Uni-ball Power Tank pens can also write underwater or in space, for those among us living more extreme lifestyles to put it lightly.


Freezer Jackets and Polos:




New Freezer Jackets and Polos heading out! We love the timeless look and style of these classic jackets. Don’t they look great with custom stitch work? Freezer jackets are tried-and-tested, order yours today! Click here for these Work King jackets on our online store.


Eco-Friendly Lunch Gear:



Check out all these innovative, eco-friendly options for your teams' lunch kits! What’s awesome about these utensil sets is that they are made with Wheat Fibre, which is manufactured from recycled Wheat Stalk leftover from a Harvest. This lightweight kit comes loaded with everything you need to crush a healthy (or hefty) lunch including a fork, spoon and knife, reusable drinking straw + cleaning brush and chopsticks; all in a convenient carrying kit! Wheat is a sustainable alternative material and is a renewable resource, super cool. Learn more about these wheat lunch kit products here.


Well, that wraps up this month with many awesome projects we got to design. We are thankful to remain busy and have our amazing clients, thank you very much everyone for the continued support!



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