Corporate Concepts' April 2021 Recap

  • May 25, 2021

Welcome back, everyone! Wow, we can’t believe how fast these months are flying by! Summer is right around the corner and it feels like Spring just got here! We began this initiative back in October 2020 to recap some of our highlights from the previous month here at Corporate, to keep you guys up-to-date, as well as to spark some inspiration and ideas for your next project! April was another great month with lots of fun work, and we also got to introduce some new products that are sure to be a hit!

Let’s get into it, April 2021:

Sweets & Treats:


Yum! Level up your Mmmarketing creatively this Spring through custom branded snack products that everyone will love! This is a fun & unique way to promote and communicate your organizational messaging, perfect for corporate gifting and thank-you programs! Who isn’t a sweet tooth these days, am I right?

Under Armour Fleece and Backpack:


A very clean look to this pair! These heather grey UA backpacks and black Zip-up fleeces, both with custom embroidery, will have this client’s team looking fantastic!


Roots Sweatshirts/Hoodies:

You know those hoodies that are just too soft that you never want to take them off? Well, these Roots fleeces are definitely topping that list! Choose Roots 73 and Corporate Concepts for all your organization’s apparel needs and receive unmatched quality and service!


Stormtech Hats/Caps:

Loving the construction of these Stormtech Oasis Hats! Made completely of microfiber, these ultra-soft caps also feature reflective webbing on the strap for increased visibility. These hats combine style with functionality and look great with multiple-location embroidery!


Titan Insulated Coolers:

Spring, where are you!? Who else is longing for those warm and sunny days so we can finally sit outside and relax with a cold one? Once that weather does decide to arrive, our client and their employees will be ready-to-go with their sick new Titan coolers!


Roofing Apparel:


A full line-up of apparel & accessories for a client in the Roofing Industry! Featured here are the Hoodies, Long-Sleeves, Polos, Hats & Neck Gaiters. Cohesive apparel not only looks great, but also communicates a strong & professional brand image.



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